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Equipping you with the tools to meet life’s challenges

Lifequipt provides mobile tools to Soldiers and Veterans to support their transition to civilian life

Meeting people where they are

Lifequipt offers an integrated set of mobile applications that equip Soldiers and Veterans with the tools needed to navigate a different world


On average, 187,000 Soldiers transition to civilian life each year. Lifequipt's Transitions mobile app makes this process easy.


There are over 45,000 resources to support Veterans. Lifequipt's Navigate application will find the right one at the right time.


While 875 support programs are available per county, people are unaware or overwhelmed by the choices and rules. Lifequipt's Pathfinder AI cuts through the noise and red tape to find what fits.


Despite all of options, about 20 Soldiers or Veterans still commit suicide every day. Lifequipt's Connect application creates a secure space to engage with others with similar life experiences.

Strength is just an app away

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